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Hamas’ first statement on Paris terror attack, exclusive to Medhaj News




In a statement given exclusively to Medhaj News, Hamas has condemned the attack against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people in Paris.

This is the first official statement given by Hamas to any news agency in the world.

Hamas further insisted that “difference of opinions and thoughts cannot justify murder.”

Hamas also condemned the desperate attempts of Prime Minister Netanyahu to link “our movement (Hamas) with terrorist activities in France and elsewhere”.

“These miserable attempts are doomed to fail, ” the Hamas statement said. Further on, it added, “we are a movement for justice and freedom against oppression and occupation. We are fighting Israel militarily and politically. We defeated Israel in open combat during the July-August, 2014 Gaza offensive. What is the need for us to indulge in terrorist activities?”

The statement went to say that “Netanyahu is trying to club us with movements and currents which have no presence in Palestine and have not fought Israel for Palestine. Then why the comparison? Is it because Netanyahu is nervous about growing European support for Palestinian statehood? Netanyahu had warned France against supporting Palestine in November, 2014. Netanyahu’s language was threatening in nature. Why shouldn’t we assume that Netanyahu and his intelligence forces organized the Paris attack to create a wedge between Europe and the Palestinian struggle?”

The statement elaborated that “if Netanyahu can club us with `terrorist groups’, we can also say that his secret service had a hand in the Paris attacks!”

Assuring the Palestinian people that Europeans committed to liberty will standby Palestine and not give into vile Israeli propaganda, Hamas’ statement ended on a triumphant note: “we are winning the battle against Israel! Liars like Netanyahu will never succeed! Long Live the Palestinian resistance!”

(Source / 10.01.2015)


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