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UN official humiliates Netanyahu over history lesson

Netanyahu was angry with UNESCO decision that Al-Aqsa Mosque is a unique Islamic site

UN senior official in Jerusalem has humiliated Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over proposing to deliver history lesson to UN officials.

Mladenov reiterated: “The UN personnel in Jerusalem knows very well the history of the region, of its people and of its religions.”

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -UN senior official in Jerusalem has humiliated Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over proposing to deliver history lesson to UN officials.

In the wake of the UNESCO call for Israeli occupation to respect Muslim freedom of religion in a document that recognised no historical connection between Israel and Jerusalem, Netanyahu proposed to deliver a history lesson to all UN officials and foreign diplomat in Israel.

“The UNESCO strongly condemned the Israeli aggressions and illegal measures against the freedom of worship and Muslims’ access to their Holy Site Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al Sharif -the third holiest site in Islam,” the document said.

Netanyahu was furious that the Jewish term for the site was not even mentioned in the document and termed the resolution “absurd” and stated that it “ignores the unique historic connection of Judaism to the “Temple Mount.”

On Friday, he proposed to “personally organise” what he termed “a seminar on Jewish history for all UN personnel in Israel and for diplomats.”

Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov turned down on Saturday Netanyahu’s proposal.

“No thanks,” Mladenov responded.

“If somebody wants to send invitations, he can address them to Paris and to the member states’ ambassadors to UNESCO there,” he said.

He reiterated: “The UN personnel in Jerusalem knows very well the history of the region, of its people and of its religions.”

(Source / 08.05.2016)

Rising from Ruins: Gaza’s Engineers Use Ashes to Make Bricks

The bricks have been tested and shown encouraging results. (Aljazeera)

The bricks have been tested and shown encouraging results

Two Palestinian female engineers made what could be a breakthrough discovery. Majd Almashharawi and Rawan Abdullatif developed a new bricks-mixture, adding coal ashes to it.

According to a report by Aljazeera Arabic, the two engineers have been testing their new discovery for the last year and a half. The drive behind their project was the weakness of bricks used in Gaza to build facilities.

The two engineers named their discovery “Green Cake”, an environmentally-friendly project, which recycles ashes, a material Gaza lacks. The weight of the new brick is half of the current one commonly used in Gaza and its cost is 30% less, which gives the project a great potential for success.

The bricks have been tested, according to the two engineers, and shown encouraging results. “We can’t put our happiness into words. After a year and a half of tests, we have harvested the labor of our efforts,” they said.

They hope to start a production line which allows their business to boom. Local experts have expressed satisfaction with the project and expected it to achieve a great success if needed resources are made available for the two engineers.

A year and a half after the summer offensive of 2014, much of Gaza’s destroyed housing is still waiting to be built. According to the United Nations, 18,000 houses were destroyed or severely damaged and more than 108,000 Palestinians were made homeless.

The lack of progress in the reconstruction of Gaza is due to the restrictions imposed on allowing much needed materials into the area. Two weeks ago, Israel banned construction materials from entering Gaza. However, this ban was lifted following Turkish pressure on the Israeli government.

Palestinians in Gaza, especially those who are still homeless, see great hope in the two engineers’ project, which might bring about an end to their ongoing plight.

(Source / 08.05.2016)

Interrogation extended for detained Palestinian journalist and human rights defender Hasan Safadi

9587The detention and interrogation of Palestinian journalist and human rights activist Hasan Safadi, the Arabic media officer of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, was extended on Sunday, 8 May for six additional days, until Friday, 13 May.

Safadi, 25, was arrested by Israeli occupation forces on 1 May while crossing Al-Karameh/Allenby bridge between Palestine’s West Bank and Jordan; he has been held since then in Moskobiyyeh interrogation center in Jerusalem. His detention was originally ordered until today, 8 May, and was extended in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.

The arrest of Safadi is part of the continuedattack on Palestinian journalists and media workers, which includes the administrative detention without charge or trial of Omar Nazzal, member of the General Secretariat of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate; Mohammed al-Qeeq, who conducted a 94-day hunger strike for his release; Sami al-Saee, reporter for Al-Fajr; Musab Kafisheh, freelance journalist; Mohammed Kaddoumi, freelance journalist; and Ali Al-Oweiwi, an announcer on Arabah radio station.

Other Palestinian journalists like Samer Abu Aisha and Samah Dweik are imprisoned on “incitement” charges for posting on Facebook about Palestinian politics and struggle, while Abu Aisha also faces charges for visiting neighboring Lebanon, an “enemy country.” Other imprisoned journalists targeted for membership in political parties include Hazem Nasser and Mujahid Saadi. They are among 19 journalists imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Further, the arrest of Safadi also continues attacks on Palestinian human rights defenders, particularly those who work to free Palestinian prisoners, including Addameer vice-chair and Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar; imprisoned land defender and advocate Samer Arbeed, held without charge or trial; civil society leader Eteraf Rimawi, executive director of Bisan; and repeatedly targeted prisoners’ advocates like Ayman Nasser of Addameer and Osama Shaheen of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies.

Samidoun calls for the immediate release of Safadi and his fellow imprisoned human rights defenders, journalists, and all 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons.

(Source / 08.05.2016)

DFLP, Islamic Jihad refuse buffer zone along Gaza borders


Member of political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Ziad Jarghoun denied on Sunday the Israeli media reports about a Palestinian approval to the establishment of an Israeli buffer zone along the border areas of Gaza. Israeli media sources have earlier claimed that the ceasefire agreement that was reached on Aug. 2014 under Egyptian mediation included the establishment of a buffer zone. “We strongly refuse the Israeli media claims”, Jarghoun said in a statement issued on Sunday, stressing that no buffer zone will be established on Palestinian territories. The Palestinian negotiation delegation that included DFLP, Hamas, Fatah, Jihad, and PFLP, didn’t even discuss this particular point during the Israeli summer aggression on Gaza, according to the statement. “We only agreed on an end to Israeli aggression, Gaza reconstruction, opening the border crossings, and facilitating the people and goods’ movement”, the leader in DFLP underlined. On the other hand, Jarghoun warned that Palestinian resistance will respond to any Israeli attack or violation to the ceasefire agreement, calling for ending Gaza’s siege and opening its border crossings. For its part, Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad has denied reports that “understandings” had been reached between Palestinian factions and Israel according to which the latter would be allowed to carry out military operations inside the Gaza Strip. In a statement Sunday, the group described Israeli claims that it had agreed to allow the Israeli army to stage limited incursions into the blockaded coastal enclave as untrue. Islamic Jihad leader Khalid al-Batesh said in a statement on Sunday that Israel failed to impose a new reality on the ground during the 2014 conflict, and would not be able to achieve this goal through the recent spate of aggression this week. He went on to call for continued resistance against all Israeli attacks inside the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Walla news portal had earlier quoted “security sources” as saying that Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian factions had reached an understanding according to which the Israeli army would be allowed to carry out limited incursions into Gaza. On Aug. 26, 2014 a ceasefire agreement ended a 51-day Israeli military onslaught on the Gaza Strip in which at least 2,320 Palestinians were killed, thousands of others injured, and vast swathes of civilian infrastructure destroyed.

(Source / 08.05.2016

Three Gazan children burnt to death

More than twenty Gazans have been burnt to death in similar incidents since start of Israeli siege 10 years ago

Three Gazan children were burnt to death on Friday night after their home caught candle fire used to light for them due to electricity blackout.

Palestinian officials blamed the Israeli occupation for the burning, noting that this happened due to the sever electricity shortage resulted by the strict Israeli siege.

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Three Gazan children were burnt to death on Friday night after their home caught candle fire used to light for them due to electricity blackout.

Palestinian medical sources identified the three children as Yusra abu-Hindi, 3, Rahaf abu-Hindi, 2, and infant Naser abu-Hindi, two-month-old.

The sources said that all the three arrived fully burnt to Al-Shifa Hospital in central Gaza Strip. Their parents and other family members suffered light burns and suffocations.

Speaking to the press, several Palestinian officials blamed the Israeli occupation for the burning, noting that this happened due to the sever electricity shortage resulted by the strict Israeli siege.

Gaza has been under strict Israeli siege for ten years and the Israeli occupation prevents entrance of many basic life needs including construction material, cooking gas, fuel and electricity supplies.

The Palestinian Authority also blamed for the crime due to high tax rate collected from the Gazans for the fuel going to the sole electricity plant in the coastal enclave.

In addition, the Palestinian Authority has several times rejected Turkish plans to solve the problem of electricity shortage in Gaza.

(Source / 07.05.2016)



Tzipi Hotovely gives speech to Israeli diplomats in which she says she will try to achieve global recognition for West Bank settlements

#Guardian Video Link

Israel’s new deputy foreign minister on Thursday delivered a defiant message to the international community, saying that Israel owes no apologies for its policies in the Holy Land and citing religious texts to back her belief that it belongs to the Jewish people.

The speech by Tzipi Hotovely illustrated the influence of hardliners in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s new government, and the challenges he will face as he tries to persuade the world that he is serious about pursuing peace with the Palestinians.

Hotovely, 36, is among a generation of young hardliners in Netanyahu’s Likud party who support West Bank settlement construction and oppose ceding captured land to the Palestinians. Since Netanyahu has a slim one-seat majority in parliament, these lawmakers could complicate any attempt to revive peace talks.

In an inaugural address to Israeli diplomats, Hotovely said Israel has tried too hard to appease the world and must stand up for itself.

“We need to return to the basic truth of our rights to this country,” she said. “This land is ours. All of it is ours. We did not come here to apologise for that.”

Hotovely, an Orthodox Jew, laced her speech with biblical commentaries in which God promised the land of Israel to the Jews. Speaking later in English, she signalled that she would try to rally global recognition for West Bank settlements, which are widely opposed.

“We expect as a matter of principle of the international community to recognise Israel’s right to build homes for Jews in their homeland, everywhere,” she said.

Hotovely will manage the ministry’s day-to-day functions, but Netanyahu will remain in charge of foreign policy.

During the recent election campaign, Netanyahu angered his western allies by saying he would not permit the establishment of a Palestinian state on his watch. On Wednesday he told the visiting EU foreign policy chief that he remains committed to a two-state solution.

Netanyahu’s spokesman, Mark Regev, declined comment on Hotovely’s speech, but said Netanyahu’s statements Wednesday reflected his policy.

(Source / 07.05.2016)

Israeli security cabinet decides to continue operation on Gaza border


The Israeli security cabinet on Friday convened for a special meeting to discuss the escalation of operational activities along the Gaza borderline at the pretext of looking for more underground tunnels. According to the Hebrew website 0404, the four-hour meeting was held in Tel Aviv in the presence of premier Benjamin Netanyahu, war minister Moshe Ya’alon, chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot and head of the southern command Eyal Zamir. The participants in the meeting stressed the need to retain military activities inside Gaza border areas around the clock to locate more tunnels and prevent attacks against Israeli troops. Netanyahu’s office said that the security cabinet received an update from the Israeli intelligence apparatuses about the military operation taking place on Gaza border. During the last few days, the Israeli occupation army had carried out small-scale incursions into Gaza border areas as well as aerial attacks that claimed the life of a Palestinian woman and injured others. The Israeli military escalation prompted the Palestinian resistance to respond and launch several counterattacks.

(Source / 07.05.2016)

Fresh Israeli airstrikes east of Khan Younis

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli warplanes launched at dawn Saturday a least two airstrikes east of Khan Younis to the south of Gaza Strip.

The PIC reporter quoted local and security sources as affirming that two airstrikes targeted Palestinian agricultural lands east of Khan Younis amid flights of Israeli drones over the area. No injuries were initially reported during the airstrikes. Tension continued to escalate in the besieged Gaza Strip since Wednesday afternoon after Israeli forces carried out several airstrikes and incursions in total violation of the ceasefire agreement reached in August 2014.   An elderly woman was killed and at least five persons were injured during the Israeli recent attacks.

(Source / 07.05.2016)

Israel imposes gag order on probe into murder of expectant mother

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation police banned on Thursday publications on the execution of an expectant young Palestinian woman and her brother by Israeli soldiers near the Qalandiya checkpoint, in Occupied Jerusalem.

A statement by the Israeli police said the Israeli magistrate’s court imposed a gag order on the details of the investigation into the murder of an expectant Palestinian lady and her brother on April 27. The gag order will be in effect until May 11. Maram Taha, 24, and her 16-year-old brother, Ibrahim , — both natives of Qatna village, to the West of Occupied Jerusalem — were shot dead by the occupation troops near the Qalandiya checkpoint after they raised suspicions of an anti-occupation stabbing attempt. The Israeli Haaretz newspaper quoted the investigation department as saying that no probe is going to be launched into the murder as the lady and her brother were killed by civilian guards and not border cops. The Israeli police also refused to release videos documenting the murder of the two siblings at a scene that was well-equipped with surveillance cameras from all sides.

(Source / 06.05.2016)

Cautious calm prevails in Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) withdrew from Gaza’s eastern border areas on Friday afternoon after carrying out several limited incursions over the past three days.

The PIC reporter said that Israeli military vehicles, which had moved 100 meters into Gaza’s border lands, withdrew completely from the Strip, while Israeli drones continued to fly over the area. Earlier on Friday morning, tension spread in Gaza when Israeli forces resumed airstrikes and land incursions into Gaza for the third consecutive day. Tension escalated in the besieged Gaza Strip since Wednesday afternoon after Israeli forces launched several airstrikes and incursions in violation of the ceasefire agreement reached in August 2014.

(Source / 06.05.2016)

Haneyya: We do not seek another war with the occupation

GAZA, (PIC)– Deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has affirmed that the Palestinian resistance does not seek another confrontation with the Israeli occupation, but it will not allow it to establish a buffer zone within the Gaza border.

“We are not calling for a new war, but we will not tolerate the occupation’s incursions, its attempts to impose faits accomplis and the continued blockade on the Gaza Strip,” Haneyya said in his Friday khutba (sermon) in Gaza. “Our borders are witnessing confrontations with the occupation [army] after it infiltrated 100 or 150 meters into Gaza at the pretext of searching for tunnels,” he noted. “The Hamas Movement has sent several messages via intermediary parties stating that the resistance will not allow a new equation to be imposed within the borders of Gaza or a buffer zone to be established,” the Hamas official stated, pointing out that these points were part of the 2014 ceasefire agreement in Cairo.   He emphasized that despite the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the areas it had entered, but its incursions were a blatant violation of the Egyptian-brokered truce agreement and prompted a response from the resistance.

(Source / 06.05.2016)

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